So ... How does it all work?

Upon confirmation of your event, our team will get in touch with you in order to ensure you get the tailored experience you deserve. We will provide a personalised overlay which can be picked from our large collection of wedding templates. A selection of different carpet & rope barrier colour combinations are also available, with red or black being the most suited for such occasions. On the special day, a setup crew will arrive on-site an hour and a half prior to the guest arrival time to set up the booth. Once the event kicks off, two attendants will man the mirror and take as many photos as the guests please. Props will be provided throughout the event in order to add an element of quirky fun for when the time is right. The photo booth will instantly print the captured moments on high-grade photo paper, in standard postcard size (4x6 inches). The attendants will attach an extra print of all photos onto a dedicated guest book, where guests can leave their own personalised messages next to each photo - making it a truly timeless souvenir.

How long is the mirror photo booth rental duration?

The standard rental duration for weddings is 4 hours from the time guests start to arrive. Through many years of service, we have found that this is the sweet spot for small to medium weddings. However, not all events are the same - so if you would like to have us for extended hours, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll make sure it happens.

What happens after the event?

At the end of the event, our editors will receive all digital copies and prepare them for post-production. Once they are happy with the results, all photos will be uploaded onto a digital gallery which can be accessed through our website. The gallery will be password-protected and only you will be available to view them at this stage. In some cases, you may wish to hide some photos from the gallery - this can easily be done through the intuitive online interface. Once everything is to your liking, you can then proceed to forwarding the gallery link to your guests. At this stage, they will be able to view their memories of the night, both with the template - or as single shots. Single shots are perfect for guests who would want to upload memoirs of the night onto their social media in high-quality.

looking for a little something extra?

Love Sign

Want the full wedding experience? We also offer a 100cm tall 'LOVE' sign which can be offered at a very competitive rate when packaged with the mirror photo booth. The sign has silver-coloured coating and emits warm light, perfect for a wedding atmosphere. You may choose to rent the sign for the duration of the photo booth's rental period, or for the rest of your event at a slight additional price.

The love sign can also be rented as a stand-alone product.


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