Do guests get both physical and digital prints?

A.Yes! All our packages include the following:

- Physical postcard-size prints for guests (4x6 inches).
- An online gallery with a digital copy of each print, surrounded by the overlay template you have chosen prior to the event. Additionally, you will also receive single shots without the template overlay in colour, black and white, and sepia variants - ideal for social media uploads, frame prints and printing on canvas.

Guest Book Extra:

If you have applied for a guest book, you will also receive one physical copy of each print which will be attached on to the book by our attendants during the event.

How long prior to the event does the team visit the site to set-up?

A.Our team usually arrives on-site to set-up roughly one and a half hours prior to the time guests start to arrive.

Is set-up included in the billed hours?

A.No, we do not charge for the time required to set up. Billed hours are only effective starting from guest arrival time*.

* Should the client require us to set up certain hours prior to the start of the event. In such occasions, a cheaper additional 'idle' hourly rate will be provided.

Photo Booth Specifications & Requirements

A.Mirror Photo Booth Specifications:

Mirror Screen Size (Diagonal): 60 Inches
Booth Dimensions (LxWxH): 84x67x144cm
Carpet: 83cmx147cm
Guest Book Table: 120x50cm

Site Requirements:
- We recommend at least 2.5 metres of clearance from each side.
- If the only access to the setup point is by stairs, kindly bring this to our attention prior to booking as this may require additional personnel to lift.
- A power supply outlet (standard 13A or 16A sockets), not more than 20m away from the booth's setup point.
- Ideally placed in a location with a nice background, unless backdrops will be used.

Do you provide props?

A.Yes, we have a wide variety of props suitable for many different event types and occasions.

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